New Blog Post. Get business training by

New Blog Post. Get business training by the best in JulyCOMING SOON- Michael Bernoff in July

Based on all the testimonials we know that you thoroughly enjoyed June’s Premier event and we are sure this July will be equally as powerful!

We learned so many valuable insights and received thousands of dollars in tools form Matt Trainer that we can put into use in our business TODAY to create more wealth and abundance. Now what would your business and your life look like if you were able to easily put into action the things that you have learned…?

Well that is exactly what our next Premier event speaker will teach you to do! Michael Bernoff will be teaching you how to start taking more immediate action to achieve all the things you deserve and desire in your life.

Michael’s background includes a track record as a top performer in direct sales, a powerful and effective sales trainer and recruiter. A master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Michael is known for showing people how to get results, increase their lifestyle, and improve their physical health and confidence. His passion is to share his communication and transformation strategies with others.

Michael is also what you would call…a Millionaire’s Coach. That’s right, and one of which you are very familiar, Mr. Matt Trainer. Now I don’t know about you…but if Matt has increased his already successful business and found more satisfaction and peace in his personal life by spending time with and implementing Michael’s strategies ….then I want to hear what Michael Bernoff is talking about.

Very rarely are most people able to gain easy access to a Millionaire’s Mentor….well welcome to Neucopia Premier Membership.

To your success,
Rochelle Marie
P.S. If you want to get your success training go to site now.


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Hello World! Thank you for checking out my blog. I love to help with making your life a little more simply rich, whether it is saving some change in your pocket by cutting costs, giving you tips on how to save time and spend more time with your family, tips on what I am doing with my hard earned money, or teaching simply green techniques. All of this adds up over time and makes life a little more simply rich. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Thank you, Rochelle Marie- Miss Congeniality
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