What I learned today with Network Marketing VT. Leadership Skills.

What I learned today with Network Marketing VT Conference Call.
The Characteristics of a Leader.

1- A leader attends everything that their company has to offer.

Network Marketing VT has many trainings and actually I have been so inspired by Network Marketing VT to assist me with all areas of my life not just business.
2- Does your company have training webinars, conference calls, webcasts, podcasts; attend them all if you want to succeed with the company.
Network Marketing VT has wake up calls Mondays –Thursdays. I attend these calls everyday, This is how I start my day of business , I get golden nuggets everyday, and I stay connected with my Network Marketing VT.
3- Develop your person everyday. Grow everyday in a positive way. This should include reading personal growth books, praying, meditation. One of my favorites is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. If you want a copy of this book go to http://www.SlightEdge.org. I do not know if this book is in the book stores or not so I gave you the link.
4- Exposure Daily.
Expose your passion 20-30 times to the world everyday. Do this by telling people through social media, your blog, your website, picking up the phone, e-mail campaigns, direct marketing. Direct marketing can be costly so I suggest Send out Cards. I use Send out Cards and I love it! You can do a direct mailer within a matter of seconds, this is such an incredible time saver it is unbelievable. You put your contacts in the data base, create a card with your business advertisement on the card, click the contacts that you want to receive, your done! Send Out Cards makes the card, addresses the card, adds postage, and mails the card. Totally Awesome!
Go to: www.sendoutcards.com/livingsimplyrich This is my duplicate site, you can take a test drive on my site and send a card out for free on me. I do not work Send out Cards as a business however I think Send Outs Cards is such a time saver for businesses. I have a distributor site so that I can share this awesome tool with my business partners .

5- Set Goals and do them Daily.
It is so important to write down you goals with clarity. Get specific on your long term and short term goals, break them down into small bite size tasks. These task you must do everyday. The book the Slight Edge is great education book on turning simple disciplines into massive successes. Also, Network Marketing VT had an extremely education weekend training on goal setting. It was recorded and can be utilized by going in your back office and downloading the audio.

6- A Leader Thinks Long Term.
Your business is long term and you need to perform for the long run. Network Marketing VT is a long term business and really assists other with long term residual income. You have a business and people depend on you when you become the leader. They are looking at you for hope and direction. Give your team value, direction, content, and share everything that you know so that your team has successes and prospers. Live by this…… Givers Gain! You are on the internet not to just make a sale; you are on the internet to help people in the world to live a better life.

7- Create an outreach team.
Create a team that works together on a common goal to enhance the team members individual lives and to impact the world in a positive way.
To create the community environment delegate responsibilities and tasks to team members and have the team members assist with weekly calls, webinars,

8 Grow Good.
I have been in the world of MLM, direct sales, affiliate sales, producing my own products, starting my own clothing business and other projects for over 20 years.
I have to say that I have spend so much time and effort on growing my business and until now I have never found anything like Network Marketing VT. The products are absolutely needed for ANY business, the support , training, and education you get from being a part of this community is over the top.
I you have a business of any sort you have to at least do yourself a favor and take a free test drive. Check out the products that will benefit your business, look around and see what the Network Marketing VT community has for you and your business, get on a webinar, conference call. Network Marketing VT will help you and your business grow explode.

9- Grow Honestly.

i feel that it is extremely important to be honest with yourself in what type of work you are doing. If you love what you are doing to help out yourself and others, you will not have a problem getting up and going to work in the morning, ok afternoon!

10- Get everyone involved.

Get everyone around you involved in the process. Delegate tasks to team members as this will create ownership with their duties and the business. This also goes for family members! Sometimes we forget that family members are on the frontline of our business team, get them involved with tasks so they do not feel left out and they can have a better understand of what you do behind that desk.

I want to paint a little picture of what I mean by involving your family with the operations of your business. My grandson Blaze is 1 1/2 years old. Blaze is my side kick when I am working. I have taken note that when I give Blaze tasks such as; asking him to get me a notebook, my purse, post it notes, what ever it is, he is calmer when I am working at my computer. When I do not give Blaze tasks, he is a bit more irritated when I am working. So, what I am saying, include everyone in your business. It makes people feel important even if you are 1 1/2 years old.


Rochelle Marie

Living Simply Rich

P.S. Check out Network Marketing VT and take a FREE tour!

Rochelle Marie
Living Simply Rich


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