When Life Gives You Lemons….Wash Your Clothes!


When Life Gives You Lemons….Wash Your Clothes!!!               Image


This is an awesome tip that I experimented with last night.

I put a load of whites in my washer.

Fill the washer up with warm water and stopped the washer so the warm water would sit in the washer.

I put in a cup of lemon juice into the washer water and let the whites sit over night.

Started the washer this morning and ran the whites through the cycles.


OMG the dirtiest white socks were white!

I have a white jacket that had coffee stains on it, CLEAN AND WHITE!

It is awesome.

To anyone that thinks to use bleach-

bleach eats away at clothes.

Also, if you or a  family member is wearing a bleached white clothing item, when that person sweats they are soaking up the chemicals from the bleach into their body through their pores!

FYI……One of the leading causes of breast cancer……….chemicals from bleach.

Medical studies have been conducted on this subject!


Rochelle Marie from


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