^rmYou have a MLM, direct marketing, onl

^rmYou have a MLM, direct marketing, online or brick and mortar business!
You have people that look up to you as a leader.
You have people looking to you for the answer.
Why did these people join your organization? Probably to make money right?

Be the leader and help your team save money on their business necessities, their cell phone and internet. Your team needs these tools to stay in business, right? These tools are business expenses right? Well, help your team eliminate their cell phone and internet monthly expenses so they can place that money where it is needed, the business.

What could your team do with the money that is saved on cell phone and internet costs?

Advertise the business more?
Maybe have gas money to go to the next team meeting?
Purchase more business cards?
Take a prospect out to coffee and show them the opportunity?

You know that starting a business really can be costly.
Be the leader; tell your team how to stop paying for their cell phone and internet bill.
Your team will REALLY see that you CARE about them and they are not just a member of your downline or support team!

Go to the capture page I have provided & watch the video.
Sign up for more information.
Then let’s talk and make you be the SUPER STAR LEADER OF YOUR ORGANIZATION!

Thanks for your time,
Rochelle Marie at Living Simply Rich
e-mail me @ livingsimplyrich@lightyearwireless.com



About livingsimplyrich

Hello World! Thank you for checking out my blog. www.livingsimplyrich.com I love to help with making your life a little more simply rich, whether it is saving some change in your pocket by cutting costs, giving you tips on how to save time and spend more time with your family, tips on what I am doing with my hard earned money, or teaching simply green techniques. All of this adds up over time and makes life a little more simply rich. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Thank you, Rochelle Marie- Miss Congeniality
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