Did you know the United States creates 42% of all Global Waste!

Decreasing your household waste is not only better for the planet but it is better for your pocket-book!

Here are some simple ways to decrease waste in your home.


1- Like my grandmother, Molly, said to me, “Don’t throw that away! We can reuse it!”  I remember rolling my eyes (only when she was not looking) and washing the container or whatever it was she wanted me to save and reuse. Grandma Molly knew what she was talking about since she grew up in the depression. Basically, my grandmother raised me and she taught me many money and environmental saving tips. I just did not realize that we would be in this global state and I would need to use these tactics when I was older. I know that she would want me to be passing these tips on to you.

2- Do not throw it when you can mend or fix it. It does not matter what it is, if you don’t want it someone else needs it. Fix it or mend it, and if you do not want it give it to a neighbor, set it outside your driveway or at the end of your walk and mark it,  FREE, ( I do that and the items are always gone in a day), send it to a shelter, or a drop -off center.

3-If you have broken electronics to recycle, pull out all of the gold and silver first. It maybe a little bit but it really adds up. Make sure that you do not have the electronic plugged in and be very careful for any liquids. During the spring of the year sanitary districts usually send out a free recycle coupon for electronics. Take advantage of this! If you do not see a coupon by April, call you sanitary district and ask for a “recycle your electronics for free coupon”.

4-Reuse or recycle all of your food containers! Do not heat food in the plastic or foam containers.The heat reacts with the chemicals in the container and goes into your food. This is very dangerous and it is cancer causing. Even if you purchase the food item in this container- do not use the container to heat your food!

5- No napkin please! Use cloth napkins instead. If you purchase 2 rolls of paper towels/napkins a week and lets say it costs you only $2.00 per week, by using cloth napkins you would save $104.00 per year, $1040.00 in ten years and $2080.00 in twenty years. That may not seem like a lot of savings but  it all up adds up!  What if you take that savings a step further and invest that savings in precious metals????

Now that could change your financial future!

6- Batteries NOT included and who cares, they cost you too much money anyway! Use solar pads, solar charged or rechargeable batteries instead. There are many solar items on the market and we will help you find them. Keep watching Living Simply Rich for updates on this topic. Did you know that the Earth gets enough solar energy in just one day to last us for 300 years. Let’s use it before we lose it!

7-Compost as food waste. This waste is excellent for your garden and you don’t have to purchase fertilizer. People always ask how does your garden grow?  I tell them, “With garbage!” Do not put bones or left over meats in the compost.

Compost you kitchen scraps in a biodegradable kitchen bin and bag. You can get a kitchen compost bin from

www. LetsGoGreen.biz. Save 20% at check out by placing coupon code RMM20.

8- Buy in bulk whenever you can. If you don’t need all of those products or don’t have a place to store it, shop share with a family member of friends.

9- Properly caring for and maintaining what you have will save you money. My favorite maintenance trick is using WD-40. Use it to maintain household and garden tools, spray it on your door  latches of your home and car.

10- Instead of shopping retail-shop at a second-hand store. The average savings is 80% and you can get some really cool stuff. You may have to spend a little more time shopping but you will have more green in your pocketbook.

11-  Host a Living Simply Rich exchange day within your community. ( We have flyers for this event. If you would like the format to use just e-mail us at livingsimplyrich@gmail.com and we will e-mail you the form. )

Set up a day where the community meets at a local town hall, community center, fire hall, a home, wherever! Send out invites to everyone you know. Ask them to bring in at least 5 items of clothing, household goods, outdoor and garden equipment, anything that is in good reusable shape. Have the event participants puts their items on tables that you have set up according to departments, eg. boys clothing, girl clothing, kitchen items, and so on.

Now the fun begins! Shop till you drop for free!

Also, this is time to gather with the community, exchange items, socialize and build a stronger more financially fit social network.

We are all in this together. It’s about time we come together.

Rochelle Marie- Living Simply Rich


About livingsimplyrich

Hello World! Thank you for checking out my blog. www.livingsimplyrich.com I love to help with making your life a little more simply rich, whether it is saving some change in your pocket by cutting costs, giving you tips on how to save time and spend more time with your family, tips on what I am doing with my hard earned money, or teaching simply green techniques. All of this adds up over time and makes life a little more simply rich. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Thank you, Rochelle Marie- Miss Congeniality
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