Coffee that costs $21,900.

Coffee that costs me $21,900. WHAT?!?


Coffee, coffee, coffee! We all LOVE our coffee, well at least I do.

Hear is an interesting fact:

If you purchase 1 cup a coffee a day at $3.00 a day for a year that is $1095.00 a year just for that one cup of coffee. That is just for you, not including your husband or wives coffee for the year!


If you make your coffee at home or at work that would be a savings of $21,900 in twenty years.

Now add your spouse to that equation.

That is a savings of  $43,800.00 over twenty years for the both of you.


So you and your spouse purchase one cup of coffee per day for the next twenty years, that is 14,600 disposable cups that are put into our earths landfills, by just one couple over twenty years.

Can you imagine 15 million people doing that!!!




1-Ceramic mugs for coffee. They are $7.99 at any Walgreens Store. They are usually back by the pharmacy.

2-A coffee, expresso, or cappuccino maker for your loved ones office.

3-Or Go to Website and purchase a mug from there. I think they carry these mugs. Another savings, put in coupon code RMM20 at the time of check out at LetsGoGreen and save 20% off your purchase every time you shop. Plus free shipping for any purchase $49.00 and over.   You can use this coupon code forever and share it will your friends and family.


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